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Traditional wedding photography

Traditional wedding photography does not focus on event and is not interested in the story. His task is to capture the participants.

We might think that this kind of approach is completely out of fashion, but it is not true, since most weddings bear marks of this traditional genre: taking wedding group pictures and even portraits utilize techniques and approaches of classic wedding photography.

Do not depreciate this style. Classical wedding photography is itself a serious science of photography, lighting, applied psychology and body language.

The classic photo is well-lit, well-exposed, portraying subjects in the most flattering, relaxed positions.

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A classic portrait can be made in a studio and in an outdoor scene, lighting from natural light to multiple light sources (constant or flash) can be varied accordingly.

The sharpness of classic photography is a key issue, so it typically uses a high depth of field.

A typical tool for classical wedding photography is a large or medium format camera, and these demands were served mostly by Hasselblad for decades, therefore classic wedding photographers were often called “ Hasselblad boys”.

The genre is characterized by rather extensive posing, different variations were often arranged in a specific shooting list, so almost everybody had them.

The question of posing for amateur models is not simple, so much practice and time is required to learn.

It is hard to achieve good result when the photographer-customer relationship is not working well. Customers in this genre are amateur, sometimes not cooperative (especially men). Relationships can rarely be formed in minutes, so preliminary interviews and contacts are very important. During photography, assertive communication of the photographer may help to overcome the problems caused by the unusual situation.

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