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This is the first blog post that explains why this blog is not like most blogs in this genre.
Photographers usually write about what weddings they had, what kind of people they met, how wonderful photos were taken, and acknowledgments come as after getting the Oscar award. Then there are photographs that show how good a photographer is, and so on. I do not doubt that this is a very powerful marketing tool I sometimes use to write such posts, but I did not start blogging solely for marketing purposes more than ten years ago.

I’m writing because there is valuable information that I want to pass on. I like my clients know what I do on their wedding, what pictures are to be taken and why I make such photos.They invest a lot of money for and have the right to know what they can expect for their money. We can call this “information for self-conscious customers”, but the goal is not just that. I am convinced that wedding photography is one of the most uncertain areas if we speak about return of the wedding investment. It costs a lot and you may not be able to get the result you imagined or wanted for your money. This is not necessarily the fault of the photographerMost customers do not know exactly what outcome they want and do not know if they have chosen a good photographer. For this reason, my photography blogs are being led to reduce the uncertainty of my prospective clients. Anyone who reads my posts will know after a while what they need and what type of photographer can give it to them.

In my first posts I will write about wedding photography, its types and representatives.

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