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Contemporary wedding photography

Wedding photojournalism is not the only choice when it comes to photographing a wedding not traditionally. If the goal is not just taking some formal portraits (traditional photography) and  the story-telling (photo-journalism) is not an option as we mostly need special pictures of settings, decoration, other external features etc. we can achieve this through contemporary wedding photography styles.

Contemporary styles use name “contemporary” just to distinguish themselves from traditional and photojournalist styles..

The main common features of contemporary styles:

  1. The focus is shifted from the interactions, relations of persons (generally the story) to the visuality. The context, external features, accessoires, dresses, their style are very important.
  2. Human representation becomes less personal and shifted to abstract, fashion and lifestyle orientation.
  3. For having good pictures, it is of the utmost importance that the wedding should have a style.
  4. The role of digital post-production is paramount.
  5. The use of static visual panels is widespread.

Contemporary styles can be varied and sometimes difficult to distinguish, especially since the creators themselves are not aware of the origin of the various photographic styles and the fine arts styles that form the basis.

I’d just mention some of them: landscape, vintage, bohemian, illustrative, shabby chic, rustic, etc.

Today’s modern wedding photography in pure form is very seldom bound to any style, but it combines them.

Thus, even the committed photojournalist takes group photos (traditional photography) if customers want it.

The specificity of the Greek market is that it combines the documentary approach with some traditional group photos with the family and friends and a few couple portraits made in contemporary style.

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